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Multihead Weighers

Correct Weight Scales offer a wide range of Multihead Weighers to suit all products and applications.

The multihead weigher is the beating heart of the vertical packaging machine and it represents the ideal solution for a precise, quick and versatile packaging Process. Also known as combination scales, multi-head weighers use a number of different weigh heads to generate precise measurements of products by calculating the weight in each weigh head.

Each Weigh head has its own precision load cell which ensures High accuracy and High Speeds are determined by the number of Weigh heads used.

Multihead Weighers are the perfect packaging solutions for food packaging of products such as: cookies, pasta, candies, coffee, confectionary, potato chips and other similar snacks, grated cheese, rice, spices, seeds, vegetables, dried fruit, pet food, frozen products etc.

They are also recommended for non-food products like: bolts, nuts, screws, small metal or plastic hardware and components etc.

Please contact us to discuss your specific Multihead Requirements so we can offer the best machine to suit your specific requirements. We also offer Full Service and Repairs on all Multihead Weighers Weighers

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