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Linear Weighers

Correct Weight Scales offer a wide range of Linear Weighers to suit all products and applications. Linear Weighers serve to weigh loose products using vibrating pans and load cell weighing systems. Depending on the product, set weight and the speed we may choose 1 or multiple weighing buckets to suit your specific application.

CWScales range of linear Weighers offer a 304SS or 316SS construction and can weigh products in a weighing range of 50g-5kg, offering various speeds depending on your specific product.

These machines offer an economical weighing solution for sugar, salt, seed, rice, confectionary, spices, granules etc or any easy flowing material project. Contact Us to Discuss your specific Material and we can offer a solution for your Linear weigher requirements including Customisation of any machine.

We also offer Full Service and Repairs on all Linear Weighers See Some of Our Range Below.