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Check Weighers

Correct Weight Scales offer a wide range of Inline Check Weighers and Reject stations to suit all products, weights and sizes.

A CWS check weigher offers the upmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughput’s leading to an increasing line efficiency.

A Check Weigher Typical application prevents the underfilling and overfilling of products, resulting in brand protection and cost reduction due to less product giveaway.

Other advantages occur in the simple and intuitive operation of the machines leading to short familiarisation periods and trouble-free usage. Our newest models also offer Network connectivity to allow easy Program changes and setup from a remote PC as well as end of day data capture form remote PC NOW THATS EASE OF USE!!, this also allows CWS to remotely Identify any issues you may encounter remotely to quickly get you back weighing in No time!

The floor stands are designed for rigidity against flexing, resistance to torsion and
for reduction of vibration, which means that maximum weighing accuracy is assured.

To detect any metallic contamination, our checkweighers can be equipped with an additional metal detector . This allows you to combine weight checking and metal detection in one space-saving unit.

Contact us to discuss your specific Check weighing applications. We also offer Full Service and Repairs on all Makes and Models of Check Weighers.

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